Code Color Available sizes
61200001L0025 Base industria 3.6 L
61200001L0035 Base industria 14.4 L
61200010K0028 Giallo 5 kg
61200010K0042 Giallo 25 kg
61200061K0028 RAL 7001 Grigio argento 5 kg
61200061K0042 RAL 7001 Grigio argento 25 kg
Dilution At roughly 10%
Yield 6–7 m²/l

Anti-rust coating formulated with epoxy-polyamide resins, boasts high resistance and adhesion power. Exceeds 250 hours of exposure to salt spray test (applied with 60-micron thickness and tested according to A.S.T.M. B-117-97 standards). Ideal for coating