Paint Big

Professional products
for industry

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Since 1944 we treat,
protect and decorate
every surface

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Feel the Color

The history of the most ancient
Republic of the world
in every colour

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Colsam Paint
Colsam Color

Ultra-high opacity
Class A+
Extremely matt

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Ep!c One

Nanocement and neoresin
in less than 2,5 mm thick

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Make every surface
a masterpiece

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Wood line

is in our nature

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The anti-molds most loved
by consumers

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Opulent Winter

The cold winter is the season in which we rediscover the joy of spending leasurely moments in warm and embracing domestic spaces. The fireplace crackling, the pine fragrance, the blankets warmth and the snow that slowly falls outside the window create the perfect atmosphere for nearness and conviviality moments.

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Colormaker — The New generation Integrated Tinting System

Colorificio Sammarinese presents its new integrated tinting system to find and manage colour. Designed for those looking for quality and reliability, it consists of practical and intuitive tools, integrated with the most advanced devices.

The wide range of colors periodically implemented, the precision in colour selection and the possibility to simulate colours with a finger make every choice easier.


The water-based paint for racing circuits, one of a kind, that expresses ColSam passion for product innovation and constant research. Used in motor racing circuits all over the world.

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Welcome in Colsam

75 years of history
140 employees
700w photovoltaic system
17.000 sq.m. factory