A colourful history lasting from 70 years

There has always been one goal for Colorificio Sammarinese: to make more beautiful, healthy and efficient the spaces and artifacts that are part of your life. For every need, Colorificio Sammarinese has the right solution.

Since 1944 we treat, protect and decorate every surface, with a wide range of building and industrial products as well as do-it-yourself product lines.

The work of our specialists, focused on production, research and construction of customers relationship, allows us to support a vast market, widespread in Europe and the rest of the world.

Our plus: a constant and specialized assistance and tailor-made services, for all the sectors in which our products are located.

2022 | Benedetta Masi is vice-president of Assovernici

2020 | Colsam PureTech: new tecnology for waterborne paints

2021 | #Colorthinking: functional use of colour within the project

2019 | Samoline AntiSlip paint obtain the FIA ​​and FIM certification

2018 | Corporate structure changes: a new course begins

2017 | Ep!c One: a complete product line for continuous surfaces market

2016 | Reorganization and re-launch of Rival brand and corporate image

2015 | A complete restyling of packaging and marketing materials

2014 | First 70 years of company

2011 | Rival is acquired by Colsam and we work for a new corporate image

2009 | The company structure changes and the first Board is established

2000 | Samoline, our water-based paint for racing circuits, finally on the market

1990 | The first ecological product line: Omnia water-based enamel

1984 | Launch of our innovative tinting system

1977 | The first containers are sent abroad, in West Africa

1976 | The factory moves to the new Falciano headquarters

1967 | A new industrial building, structured as a warehouse for finished products

1951 | Our first corporate advertising, placed along Consolare road

1944 | S.A. Colorificio Sammarinese was founded

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