Code Color Available sizes
22865000L0016 Groove - cera neutra 1 L
22865000L0021 Groove - cera neutra 2.5 L
22865300L0016 Groove - cera argento 1 L
22865300L0021 Groove - cera argento 2.5 L
22865500L0016 Groove - cera oro 1 L
22865500L0021 Groove - cera oro 2.5 L
22865800L0016 Groove - iridiscente blu 1 L
22865810L0016 Groove - iridiscente verde 1 L
22865820L0016 Groove - iridiscente smeraldo 1 L
22865830L0016 Groove - iridiscente viola GG 1 L
22865840L0016 Groove - iridiscente viola 1 L
22865850L0016 Groove - iridiscente rosso 1 L
Dilution Ready for use – with water up to 20%
Yield 15–20 m²/l


Antiruggini, Primer e Stucchi per metallo

iridescent shimmering glaze / protective wax

Groove, iridescent glaze based on acrylic waxes dispersed in water, with semi-transparent effect; contains special fillers and pigments with interference effect. Boasts excellent elasticity and adheres perfectly even on textured surfaces. Dries to the tou