Biosistem Pure A+

The new waterborne paint for complete protection against bacteria and pollution

The objects and walls around us host impurities and bacteria every day which can be dangerous to our health.
Exposure to mould, humidity, combustion gases can represent a risk that should not be ignored and neglected.

For the protection of environments Colsam Laboratory presents Biosistem PureA + , the new sanitizing, bacteriostatic waterborne paint that acts on the main causes of indoor pollution and restores high living comfort.

Biosistem Pure A+: The name expresses a combination of excellence

  • the new paint becomes part of the Biosistem family, a range of products recognized and appreciated by the market designed to prevent the creation of mould, fungi and algae, and suitable for the treatment of all damp environments;
  • A+ as the classification obtained by the French law 321/2011.

Its particular formulation allows to block formaldehyde molecules, dangerous for the health and widespread in any environment, including the domestic one.

Besides, the presence of silver ions, that protect the paint film from the proliferation of bacteria, moulds, yeasts and other microorganisms, gives it a bacteriostatic action.

Due to its characteristics it is suitable for all environments that require a barrier against the attack of microorganisms and that require high hygiene requirements such as hospitals, schools, retirement homes and all domestic environments.

The presence of sanitizing elements in the formula does not alter the quality and technical standards common to many Colsam products: washable in class 2, with high covering power and high matt finish, it allows to mask numerous wall defects, which can be coloured with the Colormaker tinting system.

With Biosistem PureA+, Colsam’s commitment to sustainability continues through the study of technologies with reduced environmental impact, therefore with low VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compounds).

The efficient production of the new high-tech Colsam PureTech system guarantees a greater precision and makes the workspace healthier reducing the waste.


Silvia Bartoletti – Export Manager Colsam