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Ep!c One

Neoresin and Nanocement for continuous surfaces ready for anything

From Manolo Pari’s twenty-year experience of and the advanced technological research of Colsam laboratories, an entire line of products never seen before has born, a revolution in the world of continuous surfaces. In every possible colour.

A whole system that combines innovative product, specialised advice and practicality in application

Nanocement and neoresin: innovative, incredibly resistant products, to design and decorate trendy and functional spaces always in different ways.
In every colour you want, thanks to the integration with Colormaker tinting system.

20 colour selection on colour card or you can choose between NCS or RAL colours to decorate easily and quickly Ep!c One continuous surfaces.
For new or renovated spaces, on horizontal and vertical surfaces, for interiors and exteriors.

If you are an architect, a designer, a retailer or an applicator and willing to discover all the secrets and the unique technical features of Ep!c One
from the experts, take part to one of our exclusive trainings at the Santarcangelo di Romagna showroom and experience the quality of Ep!c One products for continuous surfaces.

Innovative and trendy products that make the difference: continuous surfaces in neoresin and nanocement to give free rein to your creativity

Discover all the Ep!c One products in Nanocement and Neoresin

Do you want to participate in the exclusive Ep!c One training for applicators?

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