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Since 1944 Colorificio Sammarinese has been designing and manufacturing environment-friendly paints, enamels and quality products for the building trade, industry and do-it-yourself.

In 2010 marked a change for Colorificio Sammarinese: the company’s roots remained the same but its structure changed. Giulio Caramaschi, the managing director, said: “people are an even more important investment than technology”.It was on these values that Colorificio Sammarinese based its business strategy, in a market covering Europe and the Middle East.

100 employees, 50 sales agents, 3 specialised laboratories, 1 product Testing Centre, 1 Research and Development Centre, a turnover of 23 millions, 600 colour mixers sold in Europe, 12.000 sq.m of industrial plant.The quality of the products is guaranteed by the work of one hundred employees engaged in manufacture and research, careful selection of the raw materials and control of the processes in the specialised laboratories.

The Research and Development Centre is constantly working on colour-mixing innovations and on software for making the formulation accurate and the reproduction true and reliable.Customers of Colorificio Sammarinese get in touch with the laboratory. The laboratory staff give technical assistance and answer requests, making their skills and experience available to the customer. The customer deals with the creators of the products and is given the best support in the shortest possible time.The Research and Development Centre has been expanded in order to study new formulation technologies for creating products that comply with European industrial safety standards, safeguard the environment and protect people and their health.

All the Colorificio Sammarinese Research and Development Work is characterised by sustainability: from the development of low environmental impact colour technologies to the study of water soluble pastes with zero VOC (free of Volatile Organic Compounds).Thanks to the Centre’s attention to compliance with European regulations, which call for a constant reduction in emissions of pollutants, the firm is compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008) quality management standard.Colorificio Sammarinese was one of the first firms to develop the technology on which the colour-mixing system is based.

Since the creation of the first colour mixer in 1984 the laboratories have continued to improve software and colour pastes. Colorificio Sammarinese’s revolution is a single water-based colour mixer for the building trade and industry. There are no more colour pastes containing glycols and surfactants in low VOC (Volatile Organic Compunds) water soluble products. The presence of water in paints, enamels and products for the building trade and industry reduces the emission of solvents by 95% and makes the products atoxic (EN 71.3 compliant) both for the persons directly using them and for the place where they are to be applied.

The future is coloured by atoxic products with a low environmental impact, a manufacturing process that pays attention to the finest details and an efficient organisation. Water, natural pigments, careful checks of the raw materials and concentrated pastes are the development principles of Colorificio Sammarinese.

  • History and evolution of a pioneer company

    The video traces in a few minutes the development, the events and achievements of an innovative industrial group that wanted to bet on the future since its origins.

    A company in constant evolution, attentive to people, to the environment and to the efficiency of its products.

  • Expo 2015: the San Marino Pavilion will wear the colors of the Colorificio Sammarinese

    The products of historical industrial reality will color the San Marino Pavilion at Expo 2015: just signed the sponsorship agreement between the Managing Director, Giulio Caramaschi, and General Commissioner, Mauro Maiani.

    The partnership will see the Colorificio Sammarinese provide materials with very warm shades and tones to the architects responsible for the Pavilion design.

    "The Colorificio with its products has always promoted the activities that bring the image of San Marino in the world", says Giulio Caramaschi.

    "We are pleased that the San Marino pavilion at Expo 2015 will have the quality of our paintings and decorative finishes, such as the plaster Jazz we produce with the best natural lime and we have 'tailored' colored.

    The range of Colorificio Sammarinese products and colors is really wide and the architects were able to get valuable advice from our technicians to develop the right effects to color the rooms of the pavilion with them.

    I wish to San Marino very positive feedback".

  • The first location of the firm
  • Women at working station during '50
  • First Colorificio Sammarinese's advertising: Titalina, the first water-based paint that is water-proof
  • The new warehouse in 1960
  • The new R&D lab at the beginnings of '70
  • The new tinting system with sixteen baskets
  • Colour charts, brochure and price lists between 1980 and 1990
  • SAMOLINE, the innovative tracing paint for race circuits approved by F.I.M.
  • The new visual identity of Colorificio Sammarinese
  • A modern working station
  • The lines for packaging and pallets
  • Shipping department
  • The modern warehouse
  • The new Board of Directors
  • Area manager of the company
  • Lab managers